Life was full on every day of the week. Until one day, it started to catch up with me.

I started to forget things on my to-do list. I began to experience physical symptoms including tingling in my legs and arms. That led to me having an MRI scan.

The diagnosis?
“Perhaps this is a sign you should be slowing down.”

Luckily that was the message from my consultant. Nothing more serious than a requirement to slow down, but it had really scared me.

It forced me to reflect on and restructure my life. I owed it to myself and to those who depended on me.

Today, I help women follow their ambition without sacrificing their quality of life.

When I carefully reevaluated my priorities, I learned to embrace a different way of being. One that has a positive effect on myself and others. And I want to share those learnings through my Being in Balance™ Programme.

Qualifications & experience

Julia is a qualified pharmacist and coach who has worked within the coaching and development arena for more than 12 years. Combining her scientific background with her training experience and intuitive understanding of people, Julia has a unique ability to engage with clients and to provide the right level of coaching that can be backed up with appropriate development interventions when required.


Julia is known for her ability to motivate and engage others. She has an encouraging and empathic style that empowers her clients to see new ways and to feel motivated to get there. She can generate positive energy and high morale within her clients and she is incredibly motivated to help other people see real and practical ways forward, through direct action and co-operation.

Julia’s coaching style is one of support and challenge, focused on outcomes. She works in partnership to explore and understand the real challenges and the real obstacles that stand in the way. She empowers the client to find their own solutions but is able to offer suggested solutions when required due to her training and development background. She instils selfbelief and motivation into her clients and encourages change and development.

Qualifications / Accreditations

2017: One of Many™ Certified Women’s Coach
2016: Strengthscope®
2013: EQi-2.0, MHS
Certificate Online Live Facilitator, IOLL
2009: Insights Licensed Practitioner, Insights Discovery
Certified Career Coach, Firework Career Coaching
2003: Coaching Certificate Results Coaching
2000: Certificate in Training Practice CIPD
1994: MRPharmS RPSGB
1993: BSc (Hons) Pharmacy King’s College, London University

Accredited: Belbin, MBTI, 16PF, Insights Discovery

Development programmes

Assertiveness, Coaching & Feedback, Communication, Time Management, Delegation, Motivation, Reward & Recognition, Experienced Manager Programme, Management Skills Programme, New Supervisor Programme, Leading Through Change, Embracing Change, Orientation, Development Planning, Performance Management, Insights Discovery, Team Development including Belbin Team Roles, Emotional Intelligence, Strengthsfinder.


Coaching clients

Julia coaches individuals of all organisational levels ranging from junior to experienced leaders. She works with a variety of organisations both in the public and private sector. These include repeat contracts with the NHS and Blue Chip companies as well as private work with employees from a range of industries.


One of the best trainings I have ever attended.

Operations Associate, XL Catlin

It is a delight to work with Julia. She is highly professional, has expert knowledge, is quick, flexible, and very impactful.

Director, Global Learning and Leadership Development,
Global Pharmaceutical Company

I decided to work with Julia based on her understanding of my situation, empathy, experience, interpersonal style, and positive attitude.

Senior IT Manager, Global Pharmaceutical Company

The Being in Balance programme enabled me to regain my inner confidence and I’m back in control. Life is good again!

Manager, Global Pharmaceutical Company

I knew I had to do something different. My work-life balance had been off kilter for far too long. I felt overwhelmed a lot of the time, feeling stressed at the office most days. That was spilling over and taking its toll on my home life too. I felt like I had no control over my work, I’d lost confidence in my own abilities as a leader and I had no idea where I wanted my career to go.

In short, I wasn’t enjoying my job, I felt my life was passing me by and I was heading for burn out.

Then I heard about the Being in Balance programme. I’d worked with Julia in the past on more traditional corporate training courses so I trusted her completely and was able to open up and share my feelings and the insecurities that I knew were holding me back in my career.

During the first couple of sessions I finally recognised I was functioning in a chronic state of stress, running on adrenaline. So we went back to basics and I focussed on prioritising my health and putting some fun back into my life.

Then over the remaining 12-week programme Julia gave me support as we worked through a range of tools to reassess my life values, priorities and regain control.

I’m sleeping better and have more energy to do the things I want to do, both in work and at home. People around me are noticing a real difference in me.

The Being in Balance programme enabled me to regain my inner confidence and I’m back in control.

Life is good again!

Change starts with an obligation free call.

Still have questions? Want to know more? Schedule a free discovery call, to see if the Being In Balance Programme is right for you.



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